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  • Anonymous, organic or social traffic

    Customise the traffic source: direct hits, search engines, social media or use a custom traffic source.

  • Instant website validation

    Once a website is added it will instantly be able to receive traffic.

  • Custom hit duration

    Select how long a visitor stays on your website. Choose a fixed or random duration, from 10 to 300 seconds.

  • Auto click links

    Auto click links to reduce bounce rate, click ads or navigate to a different page.

  • Geotargeting

    Receive either worldwide traffic or from specific countries.

  • Mobile traffic

    Get traffic from various devices: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

  • Surfing app

    Download and run our application to earn traffic. A web version is available.

  • Buy traffic

    Don't have time to earn free traffic? Buy instant traffic with no limits.

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